I have wanted to do a party "inspiration board" for ages! A friend is hosting an ALPHABET PARTY for her 4 year old daughter in a couple of weeks time and was asking advice on printable pdf's (my current favourite party idea!), so I thought I'd give it a shot!

Since I did the board, this alphabet party has arrived on kara's blog, I have seen this gorgeous alphabet bunting from Giggleberry and an easy to make alphabet fishing game too. My favourite one of all would have to be this gorgeous school themed baby shower from one charming party which has some adorable vintage ideas you could use for an alphabet party! It even comes with some free printables!

1. JFlairGood's alphabet cookie cutters for biscuits or party favors or cupcakes 2. fromsoul's ABC party paper cups 3. Myrecipes.com alphabet cookies 4. gaddie & tood alphabet party pack 5. MiChiMaLAND's felt letters 6. SouthHouseBoutique's bottle bags 7. onecharmingparty.com artist party with chalk boards & alphabet crayons 8-10 Pretty Little Studio vintage alphabet bunting & flashcards 11. 1StressLESSTeacher ABC wands 12. lauraslefthook alphabet crochet pattern pdf's 13. paperb's packs of kawaii alphabet tissues! 14. kawaii goodies Japanese fabric with german boys & alphabet 15. This&ThatFromJapan's alphabet ribbon/tape 16. The City Cradle alphabet invitation & free printable download 17. goldylocks alphabet printable alphabet circles pdf 18. Let's Explore alphabet crayons for party favors or activity 19. RunningBugFarm's alphabet beads for bracelets for party favors or party activity 20. Canadian Family french toast alphabet sandwiches 21. HelenRawlinson's handprinted alphabet fabric 22. incywincytogs cross stitch letter buttons 23-24. Pretty Little Studio vintage alphabet bunting & flashcards

Addition - Absolutely gorgeous Free Printable Alphabet Bunting here and more alphabet ideas here.  Alphabet craft ideas here.  

Another Addition - free printable alphabet with adorable pics to match here.

Would love to know if you have tried an alphabet party or have any ideas?


Cuggles! Kids said...

Ooh, we are alphabet obsessed at the moment so will have fun looking through all these sites, thanks for compiling them! I have heaps of ideas on the go in my craft room... just none of them anywhere near complete yet. I'm in the 'hunting and gathering' phase with all my recycled items. : )

Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Such a fun party theme and so very versatile!!
Thanks for the bunting mention too :) the alphabet banner is all made and on it's way!

A Blissful Nest said...

how adorable is your board. Can not wait to see the actual party!

alijp said...

this is terrific:) very happy to see the party ideas appearing, particularly as I did not grow up in a context of fun parties ... but would love to do better with my little one. will definitely be contracting you as a consultant when the birthday swings around:)

Chic Mother and Baby said...

Just brilliant! Lots of party ideas out there on blogs which is fabulous!

Chic Mother and Baby said...

My favourite has gotta be the bottle bags, guests would love em!

Mira Narnie said...

love your inspiration board! so many letters, so much fund - must consider that for one of my little ones! always lovely to stop by and see what your up to! ciao ciao ;-)

threadsforevie said...

Hey Emma, just wanted to say thanks for the soup in a jar! Louise gave it to me after the weekend market and it is almost too cute to use...looking forward to cooking it up on a wintry night. I was thinking of your party-guru status when Herb requested a 'cooking' party - no troubles, I can do that. As soon as the invitations were delivered to his little mates he changed his idea and now wants a 'farm' party. Again - I think I can merge cooking and farm into fun filled hours. But how to deal with the latest request: cooking/farm/ben 10? Lucky for me, he doesn't really know much about ben 10 and together we have decided that Ben 10 fairy cakes really DO have pink icing and sprinkles!

Mama Pea Pod said...

ooh, lots of great ideas here, thanks for sharing!

Jane x


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